Poush Sankranti Fair or Tirthamukh Mela:

    Both tribal and non-tribal people assemble every year on the occasion of the Uttarayan Sankranti for a holy dip in the river Gomati at its place of origination, known as Tirthamukh. The devotees take a holy dip in the river on the day which marks the commencement of the Sun's northern course- the last day of the month of Pousa (middle of the month January).  
Surrounded by high hills, Tirthamukh in South Tripura district is a unique place of belief frequented specially by the Tripuries to realise their own pledges throughout the year. But on the day of ‘Poush Sankranti’ this place becomes a confluence of thousands of people. Since ancient days Tirthamukh had been a holy place of the Hindu Tripuri tribals. On the specific day people flock to the place to shave their head in the name of their ancestors or worship deities and perform individual sacrifices and ritual to propitiating the souls of departed ancestors. Based on this occasion a two day long fair is also held.

Schedule Place & time: At Tirthamukh every year in January.