Wildlife & Eco Tourism Destinations

  • Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary & Clouded Leopard National Park, Bishalgarh, Sepahijala District, Tripura

                   Sepahijala wildlife sanctuary is truly the biodiversity heaven of Tripura with an area of 18.53km. With the increase in population, there was considerable pressure threatening to diminish the forest cover and the related biodiversity of the Sepahijala area. To conserve and propagate the biodiversity of the area, the Sepahijala bio-complex came into existence in 1972. With addition of a Botanical Garden, a deer park and a zoo, the bio complex was subsequently attributed the status of Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary in early 1987. The sanctuary has no less than 456 plant species, many kinds of bamboo and a variety of grasses and medicinal plants also grow in the sanctuary. The moist, deciduous forest is the habitat of different species of primates like Rhesus macaque, Pigtailed macaque, Capped langur, Spectacled monkey, Slow loris and several other wild animals like Leopard, Clouded leopard, Jungle fowl, Civets, Barking, Deer, Wild pig, etc. The avian population of the sanctuary is also rich with a variety of winged stork, Whistling teal and the White ibis.  The additional attractions for the tourist at Sepahijala are spectacular view of coffee and rubber plantations, boating facilities in the lake and joy ride in the toy train. There are few comfortable tourist cottages in the sanctuary. Clouded Leopard National Park is a part of Sipahijala Wildlife Sanctuary. Clouded Leopard National Park was established in the year of 2007. Total area of the park is 5.08 Km2.

    Location: From Agartala 28 km.

    Accommodation: Lake View Resort, Forest Rest House Abasarika and Eco-cottages, Contact:  Wildlife Warden, Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary, 

  • Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary, Belonia, South Tripura

                        Situated about 111 km from Agartala, Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary is another protected area dedicated to the vital mission of conservation of nature, wildlife and biodiversity which is frequented by visitors and tourist. It’s area is 194.704 sq.km. apart from the healthy forest coverage and plant-plethora, the great attraction of this Wildlife Sanctuary is a sizeable population of Gaur or Indian Bison. Trishna also harbours a good stock of avifauna population which is integral to the prevalent ecosystem of the Sanctuary. Another facet of Trshna Wildlife Sanctuary is the fact that it is also the habitat of and home to highly endangered only ape species of Indian subcontinent i.e, the Hoolock Gibbon and primates like Capped Langur and Golden Langur.

    Location: From Agartala 111 km, Udaipur 60 km, Sonamura 57 km &  Belonia 19 km

    Accommodation: Muhuri Paryatan Niwas, Belonia, Phone no:- 03823-222032



  • Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary, North Tripura

    The Rowa wildlife sanctuary was notified in july ,1988 by the forest Department, Government of Tripura extending thereby special protection under the wildlife (protection act) 1972 over an area of 85.85 Hac. Of erstwhile procected forests (unclassified open Government Forest) in mouja Rowa of tehsil panisagar under Dhamanagar subdivision. Rowa wild life sanctuary , despite its small size has over the years gained a great deal of popularity , because of its natural beauty, restored with the active cooperation of the local community and partly because it is the only wildlife sanctuary in north Tripura. The sanctuary is particularly rich in birds and reptiles. Large flocks of migratory waterfowls congregate in the several water reservoirs developed in this protected area. The sanctuary is also a home to a bewildering variety of plant species including several species of medicinal value and their protection in the wilderness is extremely important from the conservation point of view.

    Location: From Agartala 175 km, Panisagar 4.6 km, Dharmanagar 23 km & Kailasahar 60 km.

    Accommodation: Juri tourist Lodge, Dharmanagar, Phone no- 03822231921.





  • Gomati Wildlife Sanctuary, Between Gomati & Dhalai District

                   It is the largest sanctuary of Tripura. The sanctuary is located in the south-East corner of the state in between the Gomati District & Dhailai District. Its area is 289.54 Kms. Adjoining the sanctuary, there is a vast water reservoir covering approximately 300sq.kms. This water reservoir attracts many resident and migratory water birds, It also has Elephants, Bison, Sambar, Barking Deer, Wild goat or Serow apart from many other animals and reptiles. The Sanctuary can be approached via Ambassa and Gandachara or via Amarpur-Jatanbari.

    Location: From Agartala 110 Km

    Accommodation: Gomati Yatri Niwas, Udaipur, Phone no: 03821-223478/ Gunabati Yatri Niwas, Matabari, Udaipur, Phone no : 03821-267939/ Sagarika Parjatan Niwas, Amarpur






  • Baramura Eco Park, Teliamura, Khowai District

    Breathtakingly beautiful expanse of rolling hills of Baramura characterized by thickly forested hill ridges varying in altitude between 90 m to 136 m and valleys with dense bamboo patched, herbs & shrubs is home to astoundingly diverse ecological biodiversity . The forest of Baramura also support livelihood needs of nearly 2500 tribal families spread across the hills and are the source of all important Howrah river and many a tributaries of Khowai river .The conversation of natural eco system of Baramura hills is therefore, vital to substance in the hills as well as plains.

    The Baramura eco-park, nestled in the verdant forest at the fringes of Baramura –Deotamura reserve forest where Baramura hill range meets the plains at a distance of about 37 km from Agartala on the NH-44, is a manifestation of this conservation need of the ecological biodiversity of Baramura hills. The park also adds yet another chapter in the constant endeavour of the forest Department in promoting conservation of biodiversity through mass awareness and Participation. The Park by virtue of its location at the foothills of Baramura hills is a reflection of the true spirit of the state of Tripura of harmony of nature with its people. The park is surrounded by the tribal hamlets on the higher reaches and with the Bengali population towards the plains .As soon as the Nh-44 starts winding in the Baramura hills after leaving the plains from Teliamura ,the traveller is greeted by the park as a pleasant and beautiful surprise.

    Location: From Agartala 37 km ,Teliamura 5 km, Ambassa 50 km

    Accommodation: Geetanjali Tourism Guest House, Kunjaban, Agartala Phone: 0381-2410009/2140016.

  • Kalapania Nature Park, Sabroom, South Tripura

    Kalapania Nature Park, situated 116 km from Agartala was established in 2004 convering 21 hectares of deserted land into natures paradise set amidst charming ambience of natural beauty. A lake with serene blue water in midst of two hillocks adds beauty to the surroundings. The lake has boating facilities. The main attraction of the park is a nature interpretation centre located in the middle of the park. Two accommodation facilities in the form of Mog and Reang “Tanghar” over the lake is must for the night stay for any tourist.

    Location: From agartala 116 km, Udaipur 64 km, Sabroom 21 km & Jolaibari 7 km

    Accommodation: Pilak Tourist Lodge,Jolaibari







  • Tepania Eco Park, Udaipur, Gomati District

    Tepania Eco-Park was established in 1995 inside RadhaKishorepur Reserve Forest which is located 47km and 5 km away respectively from Agartala and Udaipur. Over the years the Eco Park set amidst charming ambience of natural beauty has been upgraded and is having an area of 155 hectares. Tepania Eco-park has turned out to be a huge tourist attraction.

    Tepania Eco Park is equipped with the following attraction and facilities a modern well maintained orchid house which houses 225 species of orchids. In addition to endemic species of Tripura, forest department has enriched the collection with species brought from kalimpong, Coimbatore, etc. places. There is a cactus House which has 250 samples collected from various parts of our country. Tree house inside the park offers a thrilling night stay facility for a couple in a sylvan environ. The other attractions of Tepania Eco Park are a unique wooden hanging bridge, medicinal garden and a watch tower for viewing the wild life spectacle in a perfect and panoramic habitat.

    Location: From Agartala 55 km and Udaipur 1.5 km.

    Accommodation: Gunabati Yatri Niwas, Matabari, Gomati Yatri Niwas, Udaipur, Phone No: 03821-267939




  • Khumulwang Eco Park, Kumulwng, West Tripura

    The Khumulwng Eco Park is within the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council, Head Quarter Khumulwng. This park has been raised in the lap of nature covering an area of 14.5 hectre of land. It is an attractive and comfortable tourist spot nearest to Agartala the capital of Tripura. The Tribal Museum cum Heritage Centre is located at Khumulwng. The item that are preserve are mention below:

    • Models of 19 tribes of Tribal Community.
    • Transition of Tribal life over a period of time e.g looming to weaving traditional games, several stages of Jhum cultivation etc.
    • Presentation of indigenous life
    • Transition from primitive stage to modern.
    • Brief history of Tripura-transition from monarchy to democracy.
    • Costumes of different tribes of Tripura e.g chelbara, Khutup, Dakmanda, Antekra, Ponjel, Rwso, Kenjel etc & for women Poidari, Kanchili, Jooupaibor.
    • Lungi, Dhiya, Hadi etc for men.
    • Tokwitreng, Dangdu, Sarinda, Wakhorokh, Roshem, Kham, Pepu, Sarinda, Jakhnang etc.

    Location : From Agartala 22km, Jirania 4 km

    Accommodation:   Geetanjali Tourism Guest House, Kunjaban, Agartala, Phone No: - 0381-2410009/ 2410016