Religious Tourism Spots

  • Tripura Sundari Temple, Matabari, Gomati District

                    One of the most important and much venerated attraction of Tripura is the ancient temple of Matabari or Tripurasundari temple located on a hill-top 5 KM from the main town at Udaipur. Maharaja Dhanya Manikya constructed the temple in 1501A.D. Tripurasundari temple occupies a place of distinction among all the Hindu religious shrines as it earns special veneration on account of being one of 51 Peethas of Hindu Centre of worship and submission. Goddess Tripurasundari is an avatar of the Goddess Parvathi, the consort of Lord Shiva. The temple consists of square shaped sanctum designed in the model of typical rural Bengal hut

                     The placid lake Kalyansagar situated in back side of the temple has added an aura to the total environ of the temple complex. The lake is home to tortoises that are deeply revered by the devotees of the temple. This venerable temple is also referred to as the Koorma (tortoise) Pith. It is a popular religious shrine where thousands of devotees across the country assemble to celebrate Diwali  Festival with great pomp.


    Location: From Agartala 57 km and from Udaipur 5 km

    Accommodation: Gunabati Yatri Niwas, Matabari, Gomati Yatri Niwas,  Udaipur, Phone No: 03921-267939

  • Chaturdash Devta Temple, Khayerpur, West Tripura District

                    Old Agartala is 6km away from the present Capital City of Agartala where the Temple of fourteen Gods is located. Before 1770 A.D the images of Fourteen Gods were in Udaipur in two Temples beside Tripureswar Bhairab Temple. In 1770 A.D Maharaja Krishna Kishore Manikya being defeated by Shamsher Gaze, shifted his capital from Udaipur to Old Agartala and the images of Fourteen Gods were also taken to the capital and installed in a new Temple. Capital was once more shifted to the present Agartala in 1840 A.D. but the images of Fourteen Gods remained in the same Temple at Agartala. 

                      On the occasion of the special puja of the Fourteen Gods known as ‘Kharchi Puja’, a grand mela or fair is held for 7 days in and around the Old palace. It is a popular religious shrine where thousands of devotees across the country assemble to celebrate Kharchi Festival with great pomp.

                      The worship of the Fourteen Gods has an old history and legend associated with it. During the time of Mahabharata, Trilochana, a contemporary of Yudhisthira, was the king of Tripura who used to worship these Fourteen Gods as Royal deities. The tradition continued with all the subsequent Kings of Tripura. Kharchi Puja observed during the month of Ashar (July) is very famous in Tripura. Animal sacrifices offered by the devotees are an integral feature of Kharchi puja. Inside the temple the images of Fourteen Gods do not consist of full body- only the images of heads of the Gods are there.

    HAVELI MUSEUM: the additional for the tourist attraction at Old Agartala is a museum of living cultural heritage i. e.  Haveli Museum.

    Location: From Agartala - 6km.

    Accommodation: Geetanjali Tourism Guest House, Agartala, Phone- 0381-2410009/21400 and other Private Hotels.

  • Kasba Kali Temple, Kamalasagar, Sepahijala District

                  This popular Shakti Shrine is 31 away from Agartala and is located beside the international border of our neighbouring country, Bangladesh. The serene lake in front of the temple ads to the enigmatic charm of this place. Although Maharaja Kaliyan Manikya started the work, Maharaja Dhanya Manikya ultimately built this temple in the late 15th century. The name and fame of this Shakti shine draws substantial religious minded tourists from far and wide. The deity installed inside the temple is of goddess Durga but as the base platform has an image of Shiva , the ten handed Durga fighting the buffalo demon Mahisasur is worshiped as goddess kali. The area where the temple is located is also known as  kasba which is a farsi word meaning town. The ancient name of the place was Kamalagarh or koilagarh. After defeating Surja, the then ruler of Bengal, Maharaja Kalyan Manikya built this fort to further secure the princely kingdom of Tripura. A town ship gradually developed around the fort and the name koilagarh faced into oblivion being replaced by the name kasba.

                   Maharaja Dhanya Manikya (1940-1520) dug a large water body in front of the temple and named it kamalasagar following the of his wife kamaladevi. Over the years the durga temple of kalian Manikya turned into a kali temple of kasba. History is that Nawab Hossain Shah of Bengal invaded kasba but was defeated by the Maharaja Dhanya manikya army and fled away to save his life. Presently Indo-Bangla Border Hut established here for which it is also a special attraction of the visitors. Every year a big fair is held near the temple in the month of April and thousands of devotees throng to offer their puja in the temple.

    Location: From Agartala 31 km & Udaipur 58 km.

    Accommodation: Comilla View Tourist Lodge, Kamalasagar, and Phone No: - 0381-2916014.

  • Gedu Mia's Maszid, Agartala, West Tripura

                 "Gedu Mia's Maszid" is the pride of place for the minority Muslims of Tripura. This imposing ‘Maszid’, located in Shibnagar area of Agartala bears testimony to the devotion and piety of a remarkable individual.

                    Gedu Mia, the founder of the ‘Maszid’, had commenced his eventful career as a humble ‘Mahut’ (elephant driver) and then became a motor garage worker and a driver. But Gedu Mia’s stars smiled on him late in life when he bagged a lucrative contract of Rs 7 lakhs from Tripura’s last princely ruler Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya (1923-1947) for construction of an airport in Narsingarh area, northeast of Agartala town in the year 1942. He accomplished his task and made a huge profit, a part of which went into building this mosque at Shibnagar. Built of imported white marble stones, this exquisitely beautiful mosque is endowed with a large number of minarets, towers and art works on doors, fronted by a sprawling green space for religious congregations including weekly ‘Jumma Namaz’.

    Location: Heart of the City

    Accommodation: Geetanjali Tourism Guest House, Agartala, Phone no: 0381-2410009/2410016 and some private hotels at Agartala.



  • Mahamuni Pegoda, Manubankul, South Tripura

                    The Buddhist Shrine of repute and veneration, Mahamuni Temple is located 134km away from the Capital city of Agartala. Mahamuni Temple not only draws devotees from within India, it attracts Buddhist pilgrims from far off countries like Thailand, Sri Lanka, Mayanmar, Japan and from neighbouring Bangladesh. The ambience in an aura sublime divinity.


    Location: From Agartala 134km, Udaipur 82km, Sabroom 25km, Jolaibari 23 km & Manu Bazar 20 km.

    Accommodation: Mahamuni Tourist Lodge, Manubankul Phone No: 03823-275382.




  • Venuban Vihar, Agartala, West Tripura

                    It is one of the most attractive Buddhist destinations of Tripura, located at Kunjaban area in northern part of Agartala city.The Buddhist shrine, namely “Benuban Vihar” though small in size preserves some beautiful metal idols of Lord Buddha. Buddha Jayanti or the day of Buddha’s advent is celebrated on Buddha Purnima day with great enthusiasm. A visit to this monastery can be a peaceful experience.

    Benuban Vihar bears testimony to the fact that from remote past Tripura has been extending hospitality and patronage to the religion and culture of its neighbors. The quiet monastery is an abode of eternal peace and tranquility to all tourists and visitors.

    Location: Heart of the city (Agartala)

    Accommodation:   Geetanjali Tourism Guest House, Kunjaban, Agartala, Phone No: - 0381-2410009/ 2410016 and other private hotels at Agartala.