Kharchi Festival:

Kharchi is one of the most popular festivals of Tripura. However, given the participation of people transcending the communities, it has gained a universal character. It is also said to have been influenced by the Brahmanical Hindus. The festival associated with the indigenous tribal deities is held in June-July at old Agartala. Only head-images are identified by various Brahmanical names like “Hara”, “Uma”, “Hari”, “Maa”, “Bani”, “Kumar”, “Ganesh”, “Brahma”, “Pritthi”, “Ganga”, “Abdi”, “Kamesh” and “Himadri”. These head-images have been accepted as popular deities by the Hindus of Tripura also. There are many legends about these fourteen deities floating in the state.
The ceremonial worship starts a day before the festival. Buffalo, richha, he-goats, eggs, bamboo poles and pipes, umbrella, earthen pot, duck, pigeon, bamboo stick, thread, cotton, turmeric, vermilion, wine, banana leaves and rice are some of the important ingredients for the worship. “Chantai” or the chief priest chants mantras and his assistant sacrifices the animals. A grand colourful fair held on this occasion continues for seven days. The uniqueness of the festival lies in the fact that this becomes a symbol of peace, harmony and fraternity as people irrespective of cast, creed and religious flock to the place to the celebrate the festival.  

Schedule Place & time: At Khayerpur, Old Agartala every year in July.