Gumti wildlife sanctuary

Picturesque Gumti sanctuary having 389.540 square kms is located at south-east corner of the state in the south Tripura district. What adds charm to the Gomati sanctuary is a vast.

A very large variety of birds including winter visitors are found in the Gumti hydel reservoir. The semi-evergreen, evergreen pockets of forest with a very large plant species of 230 varieities exist in this sanctuary. Of trees , more than 150 spp. of climbers and climbing shrubs, more than 160 spp. of shrubs and more than 400 spp. of herbs are available here.The sanctuary has virgin forests and are catchment areas of Gumti & Khowai rivers. The forests are also of critical importance to agriculture as they prevent soil erosion in the area.

Water reservoir covering approximately 300 sq. Kms. This huge water body attracts many resident and migratory water birds from far off places. It has elephants, bison, Sambar, barking deer, wild goat or sarow, apart from many other animals and reptiles.

 The sanctuary can be approached via Ambassa and Gandacherra or via Amarpur-Jatanbari. A high concentration of primate species is noticeable in this sanctuary .Of them the Hoolook gibbon , slow loris, the capped langur, and phayres langur are endangered. It is also home to elephants, leopards, barking deer, wild dog, wild pig etc.amongst mammals. Large whistling teals and Burmese sub-species of sarus crane have also been sighted in this. sanctuary.                                                                                        


Location: 40 k.m. from Agartala
Accommodation: Sagarika Parjantan Niwas/Gunabati Tourist Lodge/Gumti Tourist Lodge