Trishna Wild Life Sanctuary

Situated about 111 km from Agartala, Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary is another protected area dedicated to the vital mission of conservation of nature, wildlife and biodiversity which is frequented by visitors and tourist. It’s area is 194.704 apart from the healthy forest coverage and plant-plethora, the great attraction of this Wildlife Sanctuary is a sizeable population of Gaur or Indian Bison. Trishna also harbours a good stock of avifauna population which is integral to the prevalent ecosystem of the Sanctuary. Another facet of Trshna Wildlife Sanctuary is the fact that it is also the habitat of and home to highly endangered only ape species of Indian subcontinent i.e, the Hoolock Gibbon and primates like Capped Langur and Golden Langur.

Location: From Agartala 111 km, Udaipur 60 km, Sonamura 57 km &  Belonia 19 km

Accommodation: Muhuri Paryatan Niwas,Belonia