How to Reach Tripura by Train

      The total length of Rail line within the state is 158 kms. Apart from passenger trains, goods trains ply upto Jirania. Passenger Reservation System (PRS) is available at Agartala, Udaipur and Dharmanagar. Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS) is functional in all stations except Mungiakami.

Train Time Table
Train Name Departure  Time Distance
Agartala-Lumding Express

2.15 PM (Agartala)

8.55 PM (Lumding)

412 KM
Agartala-Silchar Passenger

11.30 AM (Agartala)

10.45 AM(Silchar)

257 KM
Agartala-Dharmanagar Local

5.00 AM, 4.00 PM(Agartala)

6.20 AM, 9.50 AM (Dharmanagar)

141 KM