Sl.No. Package Name Description AC Car AC Coach
1 DiscoverTripura (8days/7night)

Day-1- Agartala local sight night halt at Agartala at Geetanjali Tourism Guest House.

Day-2 – Agartala- Jumpai Hill night halt at EdenT/L-

Day-3- Jumpai Hill Sightseeing night halt at Eden T/L.

Day-4- Eden T/L-Unakuti night halt at Unakuti T/L.

Day-5- Unakuti-Baramura Eco Park-Khumulwng Eco Park-Kamalasagar

night halt at Commila view T/L.

Day-6- Tepania Eco Park-Udaipur local- Night halt at Sagarmahal T/L-

Day-7 -Neermahal- Sepahijala-Agartala night halt at Geetanjali

Tourism Guest House.

Day-8 – Back to Air port

Rs.9000/- Rs.8500/-
2 Golden Tripura (4days/ 3 night )

Day-1,Agartala local sightseeing Kamalasagar night halt at Commila view T/L

Day2, Kamalasagar- Sepahijala-Neermahal night halt at Sagarmahal T/L .

Day-3- Sagarmahal-Udaipur local- night halt at Agartala. ,

Day-4, Back to Airport

Rs.4300/- Rs.4000/-
3 Green Tripura (6 days/5 night)

Day-1- Agartala local sightseeing night halt at Agartala.

Day-2--Jumpai Hill night halt at Eden T/lodge.

Day-3- Jumpai Hill sightseeing night halt at Eden T/l.

Day-4, Eden T/lodge- Unakuti – night halt at Unakuti T/lodge ,

Day-5- Unakuti T/L – Baramura Eco Park- Khumulwng Eco Park night halt at Agartala.

Day-6- Back to Airport.

Rs.6800/- Rs.6300/-
4 Buddhist Circuit (3 days/2night)

Day-1,Agartala,-local sightseeing-,Boxnagar- night halt at Udaipurl T/L,

Day-2, Pilak- Mahamuni -  night halt at Agartala.

Day-3, Back to Airport

Rs.3400/- Rs.3100/-
5 Weekend Package Tour (3 days/2night)

Day-1(Friday), Received from Agartala Airport-Durgabari Tea Garden-Heritage Park-Chaturdash Devata Temple-Akhaura Check Post- Night halt at Commilla view Tourist Lodge.

Day-2(Saturday), Kamalasagar-Sepahijala Wild Life Sancuary- Tripura Sundari Temple- Tepania Eco Park- Neermagal- Night halt at Sagarmahal Tourist Lodge.

Day-3(Sunday), Melagarh-Agartala State museum-Ujjayanta Palace-M.B.B College and evening see off -Agartala Airport

Rs.3800/- Rs.3200/-
6 Eco-Tourism Package(4 days / 3 Night)

Day 1 (Friday): - Agartala Airport – Geetanjali Tourism Guest House – Agartala Local sightseeing -  Visit to Rubber factory, Nagicherra -  Night halt at Geetanjali Tourism Guest House, Agartala / Sagarmahal Tourist Lodge, Melaghar.

Day 2 (Saturday): - Geetanjali /Sagarmahal – Matabari –Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary. - Departure Agartala or Melaghar at 7:30 A.M. - Halt at Tepania Eco Park for 30 – 45 minutes. - Halt at Tripura Sundari (Matabari) Temple for 45 – 60 minutes. - Lunch at Peratia FRH / Trishna FRH. - Visit to Boat ghat at Trishna. - Visit to Tower for Bison sighting at 4:00 P.M. - Wildlife Film show at Trishna before Dinner.  - Night halt at Trishna Forest Guest House / Pilak Tourist Lodge/ Muhuri Paryatan Niwas.

Day 3 (Sunday): - Trishna – Sepahijala. - Visit to Bird/ Animal trails/ Maitri Udyan at Trishna at 5:30 A.M. (Optional). - Back to Trishna at 7:00 A.M. & breakfast. - Departure Trishna at 8:30 A.M. - Sepahijala 10:30 A.M.  - Visit to Boatghat and Boating 30 minutes.- Visit to zoo including captive breeding Programme animals.- Visit to Tower (Optional)/ Trails / Agar forests/ Bamboo forests/ Rubber forests.  - Traditional food of local tribes (Optional) - Visit to NIC and wildlife film show / 1 hr cultural programme. - Departure Sepahijala at 5:00 P.M. - Arrival Geetanjali at 6:00 P.M.

Day 4 (Monday): - Back to Airport.

Condition : -

  • Role of Tripura Tourism Development Corporation Ltd
  1. Pick-up from Airport.
  2. AC Car for Tourist.
  3. Arrange accommodation at Geetanjali Tourism Guest House and other tourist lodges.
  4. Publicity to the package through Website and through Tour Operators.
  • Role of Forest Department
  1. Guide to be deputed with the Tourists at Trishna / Sepahijala.
  2. Arrange accommodation at Trishna and Sepahijala (Daytime).

Assist TTDCL for publicity and proper fooding at places of stay in Trishna / Tepania.    

Rs. 5000/- Rs. 5000/-
7 Maitree Bhraman (4 days / 3 Night)

Day 1 : - Received from Agartala International bus terminus / Akhaura check post –  Geetanjali Tourism Guest House – Agartala Local sightseeing -  Night halt at Geetanjali Tourism Guest House, Agartala.  

Day 2 : - Geetanjali Tourism Guest House –  Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary – Tepania Eco park – Bhubaneswari (Old Royal Palace) – Lunch at Gomati Yatri Niwas -  after lunch visit Chandrapur Sanhati Mosque – Mukti Juddha Park – Night halt at Muhuri Paryatan Niwas, Belonia.

Day 3 : - Muhuri Paryatan Niwas  - Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary – Neermahal Water Palace – Night halt at Sagarmahal Tourist Lodge, Melaghar.

Day 4 : - Sagarmahal Tourist Lodge  - Agartala for shopping (Optional) – Back to Agartala International bus terminus / Akhaura check post.

Rs. 5000/- Rs. 4000/-