What shopping I can do in Tripura?

Shopping in Agartala, the state capital is a wonderful experience as the Agartala city offers you a wide range of product from Traditional Handloom and Silk Item to Trival craft,terracotta and jewellery and handicraft made of cane, bamboo, wood, clay and palm leaves. The malls, markets and local bazaars in agartala will take you to a splendid journey of shopping. In the markets in agartala you will find products ranging from International to domestic brands.You can bargain everywhere except in 'Purbasa' -  A government handicraft, handloom and sericulture products centre and other government approve centres.There are shopping malls like Agartala City Centre, BigBazar, Metro Bazar, Bazar Kolkata, etc. Even if a price is written on an object, ask the price and bargain from there. Decide what you are willing to spend for an item. Make this your last offer in a bargaining session. If the shop owner is willing to sell at your price, he will sell you the item without much argument.