What kind of food I will have at Tripura hotels and restaurants?

Tripura cuisine offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies.Tripura has a mixed culture of Tribal community and Bengalees and therefore the food habits in Tripura also has an eclectic mix of both. So if one visits Tripura and wants to taste authentic food of the place then he should have his platter full of the delicacies of both the tribals and the non-tribals. The local tribal cuisine is cooked in less oil and spices and use of local herbs. Some unique characteristics of Tribal food are:

  • One of the most important ingredients of Tribal cuisine is Berma which is basically fermented dried “puthi” fish. It is also used as spices for most of the dishes.
  • Rice is the staple food of the people here known locally as ‘Mai’. The people use different types of rice and the traditional cuisine is called Mui Borok. Mui Borok is healthy cuisine, prepared without oil.
  • The traditional Chuak is the rice beer prepared by fermenting rice in water. It is drunk on social occasions and ceremonies. Apong, a local drink is also made from millet rice.
  • Muya Awandru is a Tripuri food item which contains bamboo shoot, rice flour and Berma.
  • Muya bai Wahan is another food item of bamboo shoots, jackfruit, papaya and pork.
  • Gudok is prepared by bamboo pipes. It has special aroma and taste. It is also made in “pan” now-a-days.
  • Wahan is a delicious dish made of pork.
  • Mosdeng serma is a mouthwatering Tripuri chatney made of berma, red chilli, garlic and tomato.

         Hotels and restaurants here offer Indian cuisine, Chinese cuisine and Western style foods.