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Tripura has so many attractive Eco, Heritage, Religious and Archaeological tourist spots. Are not you interested to visit and explore Tripura... ??? 


Chhabimura is a wonderful place to visit. The condition of road is very poor and dangerous. However, it is worth to take such pain to visit there. You need to take boats to see the relief. Try to take manual boats (comes against Rs300 - Rs500 per boat) - it will make your journey romantic. It will take about 2 hours to see the relief and return. Motorized boats are also available. The best place o visit in tourist destination I think. We visited there on 05 November 2014.

Thank you very much Mr. Ritabrata Roy for your valuable comment. Tripura Tourism Department has lots more to offer shortly for the visitors at Chhabimura.Wish to hear more from you....Regards.

I enjoyed my journey during visit in jampui hill, specially I loved Tripura for Greenery. I didn't found any other interesting activity in Jampui, but lots of things can be add to more attract the tourist interest during his visit, such a place of jampui. Interesting activity like tracking, tribal dance in evening etc. We visited there on 06-01-2015. I hope Tourism dept. will do to interesting our visit in future.

Hi, I am a widower and just retired. I can speak Bengali. I am looking for a suitable place in Tripura to spend about 4-6 months a year. The place must be accessible by road/train, good climate, medical facilities nearby, greenery and safe. Which place would you recommend? Kaushal 65-94234640

With due respect I would like to draw your kind attention to the fact that tourism department can go for advertisement in Kolkata tourist destination places like Victoria,Dakhineswar etc.with this we can attract both foreign and domestic tourist to our state .

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