Dumboor Lake, Dhalai District

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          Dumboor Lake is a charming water body located in Amarpur Sub Division and 115 km away from Agartala. The look of the lake is like tabor shaped small drum, ‘Dumboor’ of Lord Shiva from which the name ‘Dumboor’ originates. The area of the lake is 41 sq.km and there are 48 islets inside the lake, surrounding hills and the islets are enchantingly emerald green and present a captivating scenic spectacle. Winter attracts hundreds of migratory birds of wild variety attributing the lake the status of a healthy wetland habitat much to the delight of ornithologists and tourists. There is a hydel project near the lake where the river Gomati originates and the area is called Tirthamukh where a big fair (Mela) is held every year on Pous Sankranti on 14th January. The Lake is on confluence of rivers Raima and Saima. Boating facilities are available in Dumboor Lake. In one of the island “ Narkel Kunja” has been developed.

Location: From Agartala 115km, Udaipur 63km, Amarpur 34km, Jatanbari 14km.

Accommodation: Saima Tourist Lodge, Gandachhera, Sagarika Paryatan Niwas, Fatik Sagar, Amarpur

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Nature & Adventure Tourism Spots
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