Jampui Hill, North Tripura

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It is situated about 220 Km. away from Agartala and is the highest hill range in the state bordering Mizoram. This permanent seat of eternal spring is situated at an altitude of 3000’ above sea level.

Jampui is famous for its charming landscape and bracing climate. The excellent climatic condition, green forests, beautiful orange garden, view of rising and setting sun are wonderful sights for tourists.The hill range has 11 villages inhabited by Mizo (Lushai tribes) and also by Reang tribes. Population of the hill range is about 8,000 and the main occupation of the villagers is orange cultivation. The temperature variation in the hill range is very nominal in all seasons and is ideal for the purpose of tourism.

Different seasons offer different pleasures to the tourists at Jampui hill. During October to December the orange trees are laden with fruits and the entire hill range looks orange coloured. During March to May various species of orchids and other wild trees bear flowers. During rainy season the hill range is full of clouds and one can have the feeling of strolling in the clouds. The Lushai tribes that inhabit in the hill range have a very strikingly distinct cultural identity. They are quite well-off people, having neat and clean houses well equipped with modern amenities. Most of them speak English fluently and follow Christianity.

The sunrise and sunset in the hill range offer a delightful sight . The natural beauty, the pleasant weather, various species of trees, orchids and orange gardens, hospitable people and rich cultural heritage make it an ideal destination for the tourists. 


 There is also the ‘Eden’, a spectacular hill-top Tourist Lodge in Vangmun village where tourists can go and stay comfortably. In addition, local people offer paying guest accommodation to the visiting tourists which enable them to closely understand the life and culture of the Lushai tribes.After withdrawal of Restricted Area Permit for the foreign nationals, the hill range now attracts a large number of foreign tourists.The highest peak of Tripura ‘Betlingchhip’ falls in this hill range which is 3600 feet high and from where tourist can see the panoramic view of Mizoram, Chittagong hill tracts and various other hill ranges of Tripura. There are good trekking routes in the hill range for tourists.

Location: 220 k.m. from Agartala.

Accommodation: Eden Tourist Lodge at Vanghmun

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Nature & Adventure Tourism Spots
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