Neheru Park

The reddish glow of the toxic top-soil on the bare strip of land in Gorkha Basti area, north of Agartala town, would hurt the eyes till a few years ago.

It was the time when the state government was looking to shift a part of its administrative setup out of the heart of the town. Quite naturally the choice fell on the government land in sprawling Gorkha Basti area. It was then that the idea of building a park occurred to the authority of the forest department.The result is today’s Nehru Park in front of ‘Aranya Bhawan’, headquarter of the forest department. It had taken lot of efforts and expenses to process the soil and prepare it for varied floral plants with spaces for seating in the emerging green cover. The Park, inaugurated in the year 2003, is now a happy hub of people of all ages tired of living in ‘city pent’.


            Location: Agartala