Mahamuni Pagoda

Buddha temple at Manu Bankul, South Tripura: Mahamuni is situated at the Manubankul village, north Eastern part of Sabroom Sub-Division of south Tripura. It is famous for its ancient Buddhist monastery.

The monastery bears the Buddhist idioms of expressions in religious architecture, and was constructed under the leadership of Mathu Mog and others a long time ago. A beautiful pagoda was also built at Mahamuni. A famous week long fair is held every year in the month of March-April. The Temple attracts thousands of Buddhist and non Buddhist pilgrims from every corner of the state as well as from neighbouring countries like, Myanmar, Thailand, Srilanka and Bangladesh.

Traditional Mahamuni festival & ‘Owha’ festivals, originally a Buddhist festival, but nowadays one of the most cheery festivals of the state come off every year with spontaneous participation from people.During the festival Lord Buddha is worshipped in the monastery by both Buddhist and Hindu Communities.  Mahamuni is dominated by people belonging to the Mog tribal community.Actually the ethnic Chakma, Mog and Barua tribal communities of Tripura have been traditionally Buddhists. Located in the serene environs of Sabroom subdivision, 155 KMs from Agartala airport and 255 KMs from the nearest railhead Mahamuni can pride itself on excellent facilities for tourists like a tasty and well-furnished tourist lodge and a cafetaria.

Location: From Agartala 134 Km, Udaipur 82 Km, Sabroom 25 Km, Jolaibari 23 Km and Manu 20 Km

Accommodation: Pilak Tourist Lodge(Jolaiabri), Mahamuni Tourist Lodge(Mahamuni), Manu Yatri Niwas(Manu) and Dakshinayak Tourist Lodge(Sabroom)