Gunabati Group of Temples

On the way from Mahadeb Bari to Badara Mokam , one would find three temples on the left side of the road. Commonly known as Gunabati Mandir Gucchha (Gunabati Group of Temples) , the origin of the temples and the identity of their founders are still shrouded in obscurity. Stone-inscription of only one temple throws some light on its history.

It reveals that it was built in the name of Her Highness Maharani Gunabati (Wife of Maharaja Govinda Manikya), in 1668 A.D. The two other temples also bear contemporary look but their actual history is still to be unveiled. Architecture of these temples resembles other contemporary temples of Tripura except that the topmost parts are without Stupa. Core- Chambers are marked by the presence of pitcher-headed female forms as buttresses. The temple in the middle has a semi-circular core chamber and its vestibule which was large with Stupa like crown , is now almost completely damaged. The crown over the Stupa in the vestibule is beautifully crafted like lotus.

Location: Udaipur

Accommodation: Gomati Yatriniwas, Udaipur and Gunabati Yatriniwas, Matabari