Chaturdash Debta Temple

It is located about 6 Km. away from Agartala at a place called Old Agartala. At the end of twelve year rule by a usurper Shamsher Gazi (1748-1760) the then king Krishna Manikya realized the vulnerability of Udaipur to predatory raids by brigands from the plainlands in Eastern Bengal and shifted the capital to ‘Puran Haveli’ or old Agartala in the year 1760.

It continued to be the capital till it was shifted to present Agartala town in the year 1838. Near the sacred 14 goddess temple during the month of July every year ‘Kharchi festival’ is organised and thousands of pilgrims and devotees visit the festival site and the accompanying fair.

Location: 6 km. from Agartala

Accommodation: Haveli Yatrika, Khayerpur and different hotels in Agartala